End of Israeli war on Gaza


Day 51
2.142 Martyr
577 Children
263 Women
102 Elderly
11.100 Injured
3.374 Children
2.008 Women
410 Elderly
Hopefully it will be the final numbers
However, it doesn’t mean that we can stop boycotting Israel. Palestine is still under occupation, and Israel has broken the ceasefire before, but let us hope for the best.
Victory for Gaza! Victory for Palestine!
Alhamdulillah ❤

Forever you’ll stay strong

Dear mother please don’t shed any tear
We’ll be fine God is with us all
Oh mother please don’t be worry about us
God is with us all
Dear father please don’t lie to us
We know that this day could be our last day
Oh father please do not worry 
God is with us all
Dear brothers and sisters around the world, do not lose hope
We know that God is with us all
Oh brothers and sisters around the world, forever you’ll stay strong
And they will know who is right, and who is wrong
Forever you’ll stay strong
Because God is with us all

Long live Palestine

Israel penetrated the ceasefire to attempt the assassination of Mohamad Al-Deif, Head of Hamas’s military and most wanted man in Gaza, and failed (Abu-Obaidah/Hamas just confirmed). It was a very brutal and dirty strike. The strike killed his wife, and his 6-month old son. Just to give you a clearer picture of the situation with Al-Deif. He is the one who basically creates all the military strategies which are implemented by Hamas. Every move that Hamas takes, is an order from Al-Deif. No one knows what his physical or facial characteristics look like. All people know is that he is handicapped, dependent on a wheel chair, and has a bruised eye. The reason why no one knows how he looks like is not because he is scarred, rather to protect the leader of Hamas. Most spies in Gaza are after him because Israel offered a large amount of money to the spy who sends valid information about his position. Yesterday’s strike was followed after a spy sent information to Israel about Al-Deif. The information was wrong. 

Abu-Obaidah, the representative of Hamas’s military, also known now as “Gaza Man.” Ordered the Israeli representative in Egypt attempting to negotiate another ceasefire to head back to Israel. And said “there will be no more negotiations.” He also ordered all international airports to stop their flights flying into Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, because the airport will now be targeted. He also gave a warning to all Israeli civilians that they will be targeted now, advising them to not gather and to stay home.

Long live Palestine. Long live Gaza.

– Mohammed Zeyara


War is back in Gaza

The ceasefire ended in Gaza. Israel did not accept Hamas’s requirements. In-fact, most sources say that Israel “ignored” and did not even reply during the last hour of ceasefire. Its been an hour only since war has started again. Israel already murdered a grandmother, a female infant, and a young man.

Our friends in Gaza, please stay safe. May God protect you all and give you a near victory.


– Mohammed Zeyara

The Response to Your Theft



The love of my life just vanished in front of my eyes

My love was killed, but no one seem to know 

Instead they believe in the lies that the media have a habit to show


I was on my way to the mosque to pray

But on my way I was stopped by a van

Allah knows best of what’s going to happen to me and to this land

Although I showed no fear I was a bit afraid

Started to recite Shahada before it was too late


My faith in Allah is the strongest power of all

Therefore, I will refuse to give in and keep standing tall 

Who are you to threaten me and my people, when we all want peace

They say that through hardships comes ease

So, when will you release us from the pain, the torture, the killing that you caused?

While my people’s blood are flooded on the streets of my Beloved land

The whole World is in silence and has just paused 


My heart has hardened from the pain of my people

The difficulty they are surrounded by can no longer be in silence

How dare you to raise a child to hate on an Arab

When children are supposed to be the Coolness of Our Eyes

But unfortunately that is not the case

Instead they are taught hatred and unmerciful violence

And not taught to be kind and protect the Human Race


My heart has hardened just like a rock deep beneath the Oceans

My people are dying, I’m drowning from emotions

The one way my heart can be fixed is for you to see the truth

But if you refuse, remember that one day you will lose


My faith in Allah is the strongest power of all

Therefore, I will refuse to give in and keep standing tall 


The stone in my hand is a response to your theft

Hoping one day it might knock some senses into your head

Or, is there anything left?

My people are dying, but I will not lose hope

Nor will I give up without a fight

Not untill my people finally gained their Right!

A Quick Reminder

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who feels this way, but I really need to let it out.

The fact that people with a higher power (like USA’s President and the Arab Leaders) don’t seem to care about what Israel Zionists are doing to the innocent people of Gaza and the Palestinians in the West Bank just angers me.

For the past month the Occupied West Bank that is not launching any rockets or building tunnels, somehow ended up having 17 Palestinians shot killed by Israeli forces. Does it even make any sense?

Do you remember when Iraq broke two UN resolutions? They got invaded, bombed and destroyed. But for some weird reason Israel got no consequences when they broke 65 UN resolutions. Again, does it make any sense?

Right now in Gaza homes are being destroyed which will mean that thousands and thousands of people have lost their homes. Schools. shelters, mosques and hospitals are being destroyed and almost nothing is left in Gaza.

Honestly, it really saddens me to know that there is still a huge amount of people who don’t know anything about what’s happening around the world, especially in the Muslim countries. It just shows the fact brainwashing the media can be. People need to know the truth. They need people like us to spread the awareness of what is going in on in the World. Not just in Gaza, but also in Syria, in Burma, in Iraq, in Pakistan, in Egypt and a lot more. People need to know that people out there are getting killed. People are getting tortured, slaughtered and killed. Women are being raped. Kids are getting beat up by filthy soldiers and killed. This has to end. We need more people to stand up for what is right, and we need more people to spread the awareness. Alhamdullilah, more people are aware of what is going on, but we still need more people who will speak up for what is right. I know there’s a lot of countries that needs our attentions, our support, but we can’t handle all that. We don’t have the power to save the whole world right away. Therefore, we need to take one step at a time. Start by spreading awareness, try to donate. By donating you can help a lot of people. It can make change. Even though you give 1 dollar it will be worth it. Remember there’s other ways to donate like donate clothes or toys. I know there’s an event very soon in Denmark, where I live, where you can donate warm clothes and money for the people in Gaza so they can be prepared for the cold weather that soon will come.

Before I end this I just want to let you know that a small good deed can make a huge change. Like a smile. Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said: ”To smile is a Charity”. So please remember that.


Keep smiling, it’s Sunnah 🙂



Don’t you Cry


Hush little child don’t you cry
No matter what remember that I’ll be fine
From Allah I was brought, and to Him I shall return
Hush little child don’t you cry

For the last couple of days I’ve thought about something
Thinking how on earth can I describe anything?
The answer is simple, but let’s not talk about that
How about a story that is true, and yet sad?

A little girl with her big brown eyes
Stared at her brother who slowly died
Her tears was fallin’ with pain and sorrow
While her brother was lying there with no emotions
Just like a shadow

Look at her eyes, tell me what do you see
Do you see a terrorist? Or a child who wants to be Free?

They will never give up a fight
Not  untill they concour their Right
In the moment of decree
Palestine Will be Free!