#Egypt Muhammad Soltan

#Egypt Muhammad Soltan, who was on a hunger strike in an Egyptian prison, and whose trial has always been postponed, was found unconscious in his cell, with blood flowing from his mouth. Forgotten American citizen, the corrupt power of al-Sissi wants him to die and the Government of the United States does not care: Kerry even said that Egypt is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism … and especially at the forefront of the despicable treatment of civilians and opponents. “Arab Spring” … they had lots of fun of us!
Prayer for the young Muhammad Soltan, my little brother, my friend … prayers for him from the depths of our heart; prayers against all dictators and those who support them from the depths of our consciousness.” Via – Dr Tariq Ramadan (official) for Free Soltan

Please share this widely dear brothers and sisters, Muhammad is in really bad condition and needs all the awareness and support he can get.


Resistance of Palestine

Oh Resistance of Palestine, you are the Heroes that we look up to
The  Heroes we stand with no matter what
The People who stand for what is right and do not commit theft
Forever we will stand with you  and be your supporter
Oh Resistance of Palestine, you will never fail us
You are our hope and our Soldiers of Morality
You are our Role models 
Forever you will be remembered
Oh Resistance of Palestine, you fight for your Freedom
Show them that you will never give up a fight
Show them how real Soldiers fight
Show them that you are the Men and they are the Cowards
Oh Resistance of Palestine, Those who fight against the brutal occupation
One day you and your People will finally be Free 
Together we will Fall and Together we will Rise
May Allah bring you Peace and glory
And may He accept you as Martyrs