Media Vs Fact

It can be a ”little bit” tiring when arabic phrases flourish around in the media and somehow gives the word a whole new meaning.

Here’s a humble contribution understanding that we hope could benefit you all.

– Jihad

Media: Holy War. In other words, actions taken by ISIS / al-Qaeda / ect.

Fact: Jihad means struggle and often used to say ”to struggle to become a better human”.

– Sharia

Media: A barbaric law / oppression of women ect.

Fact: Sharia means Gods way, and it is a lifestyle that deals with aspects of life including issues of prayer, charity, fasting, family relationships, etc.

– Salafism

Media: An aggressive form of Islam that calls for violence and murder.

Fact: “Salafism” is an Arabic word which has got a ism. The original Arabic word is “Salaf” and means to belong to / follow the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) followers – all predecessors. Most Muslims consider “Salaf” as those who were closest to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

– Khalifat

Media: A barbaric Islamic state which has a religious police on the street. They threaten and punish people who do not practice the religion.

Fact: Khalifat comes from the Arabic word “khalifa”, which means “heritage”. In religious Islamic perspective, there is a leadership that is based on “the legacy of the Prophet,” and based on “shura”, which means “consultation”.
The leadership must promote safety, security and justice – for all. Including redistribution of benefits.
Many point out that the first welfare state was an Islamic welfare state.
(Book: “The first welfare state” of Jens Due Vroldby).

– Khalif

Media: An authoritarian imam who is also a dictator. He encourages and commands violence.

Fact: Khalif is an Arabic word meaning “leader” of the leadership that is based on the legacy of the Prophet (PBUH). In other words: a prime minister.