Double Standards

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‪#‎SydneySiege‬: Muslim man holds people hostage. Immediate coverage from morning to night, days on end, on every channel. Obama for some reason gets a briefing on the matter on the other side of the globe. Vigils are held. Condemnations everywhere. The world mourns.

‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬: Muslim men attack people in building. World leaders gather to March in protest. Everyone advocates for free speech. International coverage on the matter, left right and center. Shock and horror. Condemnations everywhere. The world mourns.

‪#‎ChapelHillShooting‬: Crazy atheist kills three innocent Muslims out of hate, aged 23, 21 and 19. It takes hours and hours for a media article to be published. Nothing is seen on television. Little is heard on social media except among the Muslim communities. Leaders are silent. The ever-growing Islamophobic attitude ignored. Few mourn.

Let see how many world leaders gather for this.

Double standards.”

-Via @Zakir Mahmoud


Chapel Hill Shooting



Thinking about the words, but nothing seems to come out

Usually it is easy to write words down

However, today might be a difficult time

3 Muslim students was shot killed, but the media is silent

That’s funny, because not along ago the media went viral about the Charlie Hebdo Attack

Declaring that ”Freedom of Speech” is a human right

Because the attack was an act of terrorism

Then you all marched across the city

Declaring that ”Freedom of Speech” is a human right


But look what it got into..

3 Muslim students was shot killed by an atheist

However, the media is silent

If it was the other way around the media would react different

They would’ve screamed on top of their lungs ”TERRORIST, TERRORIST, TERRORIST!!”

They call the shooter a ”man”

Are you calling someone a ”man” when he shot them on the HEAD!?

This is a show of Hypocrisy, there’s no doubt about that


My heart is heavy, I can’t stop thinking about those beautiful souls

These beautiful souls has dedicated their lives to help others in need

Two of them were newlywed, the third was a sister to the wife

They will be known as Martyrs

Because they didn’t live for nothing

”This life was only ever a test and they have passed with flying colors” – The brother of the victim said

Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha. Murdered in North Carolina

May Allah grant them as martyrs




One day Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was going somewhere at noon and it was too hot in the desert when He (S.A.W) saw an old woman carrying her luggage on her head. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) helped her and took the luggage from the woman and carried it for her..

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) asked the woman that where she was going and why? She said that I am leaving this town as I have heard that a magician named Muhammad (S.A.W) is in town.

As Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was very patient and kind, He (S.A.W) didn’t say a word and kept listening. The old lady kept complaining that why she was leaving the town.

In short the basic reason of her to leave the town was her misconception about Muhammad (S.A.W), who was walking beside her and she didn’t knew it.

While walking with the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him), that old women noticed that this young man have a brightness on his smiling and humble face. And she also noticed that His sweat is perfumed. She was very impressed.

When they reached the destination, Muhammad (S.A.W) put down the bag and was about to leave when the old woman said,”O, kind person! At least tell me your name!”. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) replied,”I am the person because of whom you left the town.”The old lady was amazed to listen that and said that such a kind, helping and true person can never be wrong and therefore she also accepted Islam..