Vandalism and Hatecrime in Denmark


”To the racists. We did not get peace from you in our lives, let us have peace in our death!”

This is shocking! 50 gravestones were overturned and destroyed by unidentified men in the Muslim Cemetery in Brondby, Denmark. What people on earth would do such a thing? This is not okay. We live in a world filled with hatred and ignorance, and it’s terrifying to know that these type of actions not labeled as ‘hate-crime’. The police labeled the incident as ”pranks” and that ”there’s no political motive behind the vandalism”. Are you kidding me? Are you really saying that the vandalism of 50 gravestones is pranks? This is pure hate crime, and should be taken seriously.

la hawla wala quwwata illa billah

Please share this. People need to know that the spread of Islamophobia needs to end.