West Bank under attack

The violence that is happening in the West Bank shouldn’t be ignored. Many years have passed where ”Israel” have committed war crimes, including violated 65 UN resolutions.


The US gives Israel over $3 billion a year from our tax money. Mainstream media continuously paints Palestinians as savages, thirsty for blood, while Israelis are democracy-loving peace seekers. The occupation is ignored. Daily harassments and crimes by Israel are ignored. Resistance by Palestinians is considered terrorism, while crimes by Israel are “isolated situations.” If you really want to know, this is Israel:

7/31/2015 Israeli settlers burn alive a 1 year old baby and his parents; Israeli public “condemns”, but perpetrator is jailed for only SIX MONTHS.

9/24/2015 Israeli soldiers execute/ publicly murder 18 year old Hadeel al-Hashlamun at a checkpoint, and leave her body bleeding for hours before calling an ambulance. 10 bullets. They say she “lunged with a knife” and tried to stab a solider (as they always say), but videos and pictures show her about 3 meters away.http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/hebron-pictures-show-moment-18-yea…

10/5/2015 Fadi Alloun (19 years old) extra-judicially executed by Israeli soldiers as mobs of Jewish settlers chased him and chanted for his death.https://electronicintifada.net/…/video-death-chanting-israe…

10/5/15 13 year old Abdul Rahman Obeidallah shot right in the heart by Israeli soldiers, while still in his school uniform. They said it was an “accident.” http://www.heart.co.uk/…/palestinian-boy-killed-hospital-…/…

10/7/2015 Palestinian woman, Hanin Doyat, less than 20 years old, harassed by Israeli settlers, shot and stripped naked by Israeli police and settlers. http://gulfnews.com/…/palestinian-woman-shot-and-stripped-n…

10/7/2015 Undercover Israeli soldiers dress as Palestinians among protesters and start attacking them. Fast forward to 0:16.https://www.facebook.com/735164476605489/videos/766839853437951/

Today 10/9/2015 pregnant Palestinian woman also shot in cold blood, surrounded by at least 5 heavily armed soldiers, while she innocently held her arms up in surrender. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh5a5PPJJ1M&feature=youtu.be

Today 10/9/2015 Israeli soldiers try to run over a Palestinian man; he survives, at least for now.https://www.facebook.com/Ramalla.Mix/videos/1089638237736116/

And there’s more. So much more. It didn’t begin this week, or last week. Search for the truth, talk to people on the ground. End the occupation. End the violence.

-Reema Aljamal