Is Islam Evil?

So tired of people claiming to be experts about Islam, when in reality they know nothing about it. They would tell you that Sharia is oppressive, they would tell you that Jihad is ”holy war”, they would tell you that Islam is evil.. But do they actually know anything about Islam?

Sharia is oppressive? No, Sharia means Gods way, and it is a lifestyle that deals with aspects of life including issues of prayer, charity, fasting, family relationships, etc.

Jihad means ”Holy War”? Wrong again. Jihad means struggle and often used to say ”to struggle to become a better human”

Islam is Evil? Yeah sure, if you think that a religion is evil, because it gives women their right and honors them, annihilate racism and slavery, doesn’t tolerate oppression, fights for justice and peace ect.

Did we mention that Islam also have ethics of war? We are not to kill or harm any woman, child or elderly. We are not to kill those who run away or surrender. We are not to destroy buildings, churches, temples, mosques and so on. Nor are we allowed to enforce religion upon anyone. Nor are we allowed to torture people.

So tell me.. Do you still think Islam is evil? Or are you still letting the media take control over you?