Power of Youth

How bothering it is to the human eye,
That no one seems to know the truth
Would you consider this as a lie
If I showed you the power of youth
Can I tell you something just between you and me?
How can you call children terrorists, when they just want to be free
Would you take your time and look at the sorrow in the people’s eyes
What do you see?
Do you see Terrorists? Or people who wants to be Free?
Walk away from the lies and open your eyes
Turn away from the lies before more people dies
The numbers of death are increasing day by day
However I must say
That our Ummah will never fade away.

Old, but thought I could share it again 🙂


Holy Land, Palestine

This Land where Peace has been Violated

People who are being annihilated 

You speak of Democracy

glorifying yourself

Do you not see pass your idiocy?

This Land is not yours to take

Nor will it ever be your place

Here is a Reminder for you

This Holy Land is a Land of Truth

Not some Land that you can just Abuse

You call yourself the Chosen Ones

And you claim to be Jews

Here is a Reminder for you 

This Holy Land was Never yours!

This Holy Land, we call Palestine

Will Never be yours!


The Capital of Palestine

Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine. And to us, it is in our hearts. Palestine was never yours, nor will it ever be. Palestine is not just land to us. It is our history, our legacy and our dream. And that is something you will never have.
May Allah be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine ❤ You are all our heroes! ❤🌷


Jerusalem, not the capital of Israel

But the capital of Palestine

It is more valuable to us than you could ever imagine

Because never in your life did you feel the same

If you cared about Jerusalem

Then why would you attack and bomb the innocent people?

And let them die?

How can you say you care about Jerusalem?

Do you not see what you are doing to the Palestinians?

Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews are suffering

Yet you claim you love Jerusalem

I didn’t know you had to attack a place to show your love